Live in the Now

March 9th, 2013 by DoctorZaidi

Don’t try to be in the NOW. Because you are already in the Now. Simply BE AWARE of it by using your five senses: what you see, hear, smell, taste and touch.

Inner Peace and Love

New Year Day Or Is It?

January 1st, 2013 by DoctorZaidi

New Year Day Or Is It?

My poem on New Year Day.

Labor Day?

September 3rd, 2012 by DoctorZaidi

“Happy Labor Day,” I greeted our dogs as I let them out of the garage, but they didn’t reply. “Happy Labor Day,” I said to the cats, as I let them out of the utility room. They didn’t reply either. “Happy Labor Day,” I tried ag
ain as I let the chickens out. Again no reply. I did not give up and said “Happy Labor Day” to our Spanish speaking gardener, who gave me a puzzled look.

I got a bit confused. “Maybe it’s not Labor Day.” So I checked the Calendar. I was right to begin with. It is Labor Day. Soon I saw my wife sitting at the computer. ” Happy Labor Day, honey.” ” Happy Labor Day to you too, honey,” she replied.

Then, I sat on a chair in the backyard and felt the cool morning breeze, the warm sun and the rough texture of the chair. I saw the blue sky, a few white clouds on the horizon, a soft fog resting in between the rusty hills, the branches of the trees dancing gently in the soft breeze and a bunch of noisy crows gong after a hawk, which was letting out a screechy sound. I heard the birds chirping in a tall tree, the alarming sound of a train disappearing in the distance and the buzzing sound of a small airplane over my head. I said “Happy Labor Day” again and again, but no reply.

Later, as I was telling the strange behavior of our pets to our teenager daughter, she had a good explanation with a smile on her face, ” Dad, our pets are rude.”

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